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3D Management



Geomatics is the application of measuring the Earth based on global positioning. The combination of the American Global Positioning System GPS, the European Galileo constellation, and the Russian GLONASS creates a Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS.

Southern Survey and Design uses the latest GNSS receivers for in the field positioning and data collection.

  • Static collection post processed with OPUS
  • /
  • GNSS Base broadcasting local corrections to a RTK Rover
  • RTK Rover receiving Network Corrections
  • Sub Meter Handheld GIS data collection
Coordinate Systems allow Southern Survey to utilize remote sensing data in unison with ìBoots on the Groundî for wide scale mapping. Field to Office, Data to Client, Design to Build, Southern Survey and Designís workflow profits our clients. Please contact your project manager for control parameters on your next project and enjoy the value of accurate positioning.



Metrology is the study and application of measurement. Distances between property corners, elevations on site topography surveys, footings of structural steel, and centerlines of pipes are objects that increase in value when measured.

Conventional measurement equipment includes steel pocket tapes and fiberglass reel tapes with distances collected in field books. One of the most accurate piece of equipment in our trucks is an autolevel used to project elevation data optically. We also use electronic distance measurers to emit light waves, reflect from survey prisms, and return a distance and angle for an electronic data collector to record. Measurements can also be collected from GNSS positioning equipment.

As site topo surveys increase in complexity to include mechanical and structural elements, conventional survey methods and GNSS data collection begins to weaken. Southern Survey uses high definition laser scanning to collect millions of points and measure in 3D world of XYZ dust.

Point Cloud Modeling

Point Cloud Modeling

The creation of surfaces from point cloud data is a ìbest fitî scenario. However, with 0.001í accuracies and hundreds of data points per square inch densities, the ìbest fitî is more accurate than ever.

Southern Survey and Design is experienced in modeling and we base our data collection on past mistakes in the modeling process to guarantee our clientís donít go through the heartache we did during our learning curve.

Although there are several intuitive point click modeling softwares available, there is no automatic point cloud modeling program. What would take hours to scan and collect would take weeks and month to model. Our business model is that of surveyors first and it is our recommendation to subcontract this extensive labor out to global modeling firms or for our clientís piping engineers to model the specific features necessary to benefit from point cloud data.

The profession of Southern Survey and Design is to measure, and we go to where those things are and measure them. If your company needs complex measurement solutions, then we are your ìFirst Call, Leaders in Surveyingî.



How are these measurements and positions collected? In field books, electronic data collectors, SD cards? How is this data delivered to be used? Often a comma separated value file with a Point, Northing, Easting, Elevation, and Description (PNEZD) or some variation thereof in a .txt file is all that is necessary to facilitate drafting and data management.

However, sometimes additional data needs to be collected and attached to a positional coordinate. Clients are demanding more information collected by our field crews to include attributes of the feature. As metadata grows, so does the software used to process and manage the data.

Southern Survey and Design handles big data daily from the field to the office to the client. Our field crews can collect in multiple platforms to guarantee integrity and accuracy and our office techs can compile data from multiple sources to create the most comprehensible data delivery options. Please contact Southern Survey and Design with your teams needs and we look forward to providing solutions.

High Definitoin Laser Scannings

High Definition Laser Scanning

As site topo surveys increase in complexity to include mechanical and structural elements, conventional survey methods and GNSS data collection begins to weaken. Southern Survey and Design pioneered 3D Laser Scanning in 2012 and implemented a full service scanning and modeling service in April of 2013.

Southern Survey and Design uses a phase based laser scanner weekly to collect measurements in complex environments using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). Our largest scan project to date involved over 300 scan positions on three different levels, nine flights of scaffolding to scan one tower, a high resolution scan position trained on another tower, with the point cloud placed on plant control provided by others and adjusted to another companies scan elevation, complete with hot work permits, federal background checks, site specific safety classes, onsite escorts, and post processing using two different softwares.

ìIf we can see it, we can scan itÖ and if we can scan it, we can model it, and we can deliver it to you in your format.î

We continue to write scan proposals as our first step to ìPlan the Scan, and Scan the Plan.î Other scan projects have include man lifts and adverse conditions to collect accurate data. Southern Survey and Design has scanned over 40 sites in our area that range from stock pile volumes of mulch to offshore sled

refurbishing and continue scan. If your company would like a demonstration or your team would like to ask the difficult questions about collecting scan data, Southern Survey and Design has solutions.

Our best clients currently work in pointcloud environments and subsidize their piping design with valuable real world data. However, these past few years have been on the cutting edge of technology and Southern Survey and Design has led the way in point cloud applications and corporate development for our clients. We know the industry and the software and can make professional recommendations.

Our experience and safety compliance allows Southern Survey to look forward with terrestrial LiDAR scanning in your facilities and construction projects. Although it begins with the data capture, Southern Survey and Design is experienced in point cloud modeling and capable of delivering in a multitude of file types and programs.