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3D Management

Point Cloud Modeling

Point Cloud Modeling

The creation of surfaces from point cloud data is a ìbest fitî scenario. However, with 0.001í accuracies and hundreds of data points per square inch densities, the ìbest fitî is more accurate than ever.

Southern Survey and Design is experienced in modeling and we base our data collection on past mistakes in the modeling process to guarantee our clientís donít go through the heartache we did during our learning curve.

Although there are several intuitive point click modeling softwares available, there is no automatic point cloud modeling program. What would take hours to scan and collect would take weeks and month to model. Our business model is that of surveyors first and it is our recommendation to subcontract this extensive labor out to global modeling firms or for our clientís piping engineers to model the specific features necessary to benefit from point cloud data.

The profession of Southern Survey and Design is to measure, and we go to where those things are and measure them. If your company needs complex measurement solutions, then we are your ìFirst Call, Leaders in Surveyingî.