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Data Collection



How are these measurements and positions collected? In field books, electronic data collectors, SD cards? How is this data delivered to be used? Often a comma separated value file with a Point, Northing, Easting, Elevation, and Description (PNEZD) or some variation thereof in a .txt file is all that is necessary to facilitate drafting and data management.

However, sometimes additional data needs to be collected and attached to a positional coordinate. Clients are demanding more information collected by our field crews to include attributes of the feature. As metadata grows, so does the software used to process and manage the data.

Southern Survey and Design handles big data daily from the field to the office to the client. Our field crews can collect in multiple platforms to guarantee integrity and accuracy and our office techs can compile data from multiple sources to create the most comprehensible data delivery options. Please contact Southern Survey and Design with your teams needs and we look forward to providing solutions.