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Energy Industry


Construction Control

Well maintained control points during the construction phase is critical. Whether monuments exist and need to be published and maintained in the field or if Southern Survey and Design technicians need to build permanent concrete monuments and establish the coordinate system, our clients rely on our accuracy and data integrity for the task.

Plan Set Integrity

Before one stake is set, the published plans must be in harmony with the control on the ground. The energy and effort Southern Survey and Design project managers take to insure accuracy and integrity is critical to limit liability, increase efficiency, and build the project correctly. Contact Southern Survey and Design as a third party if necessary when several contractors on adjoining jobs need uniformity solutions.

Site Topography Survey

Accurate topographic data is critical for civil construction projects. Southern Survey and Design field crews collect topo data daily for oilfield construction projects. This data is used to calculate site balancing and identify drainage issues. Southern Survey and Design specializes in site design. Contact us for your next well pad, facility pad, or frac pond.

Plan Production

Often times all it takes is an exhibit to get the ball moving from concept to completion. Topo data that is collected in the field is brought into the design phase to issue for construction bid. Southern Survey and Design works with our clients to deliver electronic and printed plans.

Surface Modeling and Machine Automated Control

Southern Survey and Design works daily with heavy construction operators to move A LOT OF DIRT. By establishing quality GNSS control in the area, collecting topographic data of the site, designing the surface to the clientís specifications or receiving the surface from the client, Southern Survey and Design can implement machine automated control to work more efficiently and profitable. If you need a site to grade fast, contact Southern Survey and Design.

Frac Pond Design

Surface water for hydro fracturing gas wells has become critical in the energy industry. Our team of surveyors and customer service reps can design frac ponds to hold millions of barrels, be aesthetically pleasing, and productive in your neck of the woods.

Facility and Well Pads

With the cost of materials and the cost of construction for surface sites, it pays to work smarter. Southern Survey and Design has the experience to construct site balanced sites and surface models for your next project. Our drafters can create the exhibits necessary for your next bid meeting and go from concept to completion.

Construction Stake Out

When you need stakes, hubs, and irons in the ground to facilitate the construction process, our field crews use conventional optical and GNSS equipment with legible lathe writing and color combinations. Contact a project manager with your next project to begin Southern Survey working in front of the rate of construction.