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Our Services

Civil Construction

Our civil construction services include construction staking, gas unit development, mining development, machine automated control, as built/as is surveys, horizontal and vertical control networks and technical inspection.

Construction Staking

construction stakingSurveyors are necessary to coordinate plan sets with survey data, establish accurate control, buy supplies, and work out the logistics of your job site before you start moving dirt.

Southern Survey and Design currently does ongoing construction staking for several utility and heavy construction companies in East Texas. Whether it is back of curb for subdivision streets or a new restaurant, you can depend on our Technicians accuracy and speed.

Our office is always available to write a bid.

Gas Unit Development

Being based in East Texas, Southern Survey and Design’s experience in the oil field is unprecedented. Our consulting and mapping departments can work with your company on unit development, while our field technicians put “boots on the ground” to stake well locations, design pad sites and lease roads. From lease agreements to production lines, Southern Survey and Design has the resources to increase your profit.

Mining Development

mineOur office is located within minutes of the Sabine Lignite fields. And although North American Coal and Luminant have surveyors on staff, Southern Survey and Design can maintain service agreements and safety compliance for subcontracting. Whether it is boundary, lease agreements, topographic, utility relocation, aerial mapping control, or general construction survey work, Southern Survey and Design is a leader in surveying.

Machine Automated Control

Site designs can now be loaded onto motor graders, dozers, and track hoes to provide the operator with real time data for position and elevation using GNSS receivers.

Often a Southern Survey and Design technician will be present at the beginning of the job to establish control, register the design, and calibrate the site prior to moving dirt.

Our office also offers full site design services, administrative consulting, and employee training as your company enjoys the benefits and profit of machine automated control.

As Built/As Is Surveys

After construction or before, contact Southern Survey and Design for accurate data on as built or as is facilities and civil works. We can maintain constant crew presence and responsive drafting to your projects.

Ask about our technical inspection services!

Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks

monumentHorizontal and Vertical control is essential for any construction site and topographic survey, whether it is localized or regional, contact Southern Survey and Design to maintain your data accuracy.

Our technicians specialize in establishing Local Area Networks for municipals and utility districts integrating to State Plane Coordinate Systems for GIS. Our field technicians can build stable brass capped concrete monuments with paddles, produce data reports, and maintain this control network for years to come.

Contact our office for aerial targets or specific control needs on a per project basis. No job is too small or too big.

Technical Inspection

Are features of your civil construction project within tolerance? Do you need a third party with an expertise in measurement to survey multiphase construction? Southern Survey and Design is available to certify elevations and locations for sub base, forms, final grade, finished paving and concrete. Our Technical Inspection services include GNSS site calibration as well.

Contact our office for scheduling a crew tomorrow.