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Our Services

Consulting Services

Design Department

Southern Survey and Design has a full drafting department to create all exhibits, material, and data for your next project. From field to finish, we can help through the completion of your next project.

Feel confident that Southern Survey Company can put you in contact with professional engineers, architects, and contractors to increase your quality and profit.


Geographic Information Systems

Southern Survey and Design assists our clients in spatial analysis from boots on the ground to remote sensing. Our field technicians collect data in your format and deliver into your workflow.

Please contact our office for a sales presentation on the future of survey industry and let Southern Survey and Design work for your team to develop workflow.

Subdivision Planning

From the boundary acquisition, through the design phase, and into final plating, Southern Survey and Design represents our clients in the community and the county to completion. At any point in the process, our team will work as an important resource to make your dreams and profit a reality.

We maintain registered surveyors on staff for the preliminary survey. We collect topographic data for engineering firms to design drainage, utilities, and layout. Contact our office for back of curb and utility construction.

The best moment is when everyone signs the official plats and Southern Survey and Design puts our monument caps on lot corners.

Strategic Administration Planning

Southern Survey Company is a business first and foremost. Our staff is vibrant entrepreneurs who focus on marketing, service, and efficiency. Our experience is valuable to cross industries as we seek to improve your companyís profit.

Either by a one time event presentations, or ongoing consulting services, contact Casey Cockrell with Southern Survey and Design to begin identifying issues that directly affect your market share.


Employee Training

Our clients often need to implement change into their workflow to become more profitable. Southern Survey and Design consultants utilize experience and knowledge to assist in training from the administrative level to the labor hands.

We understand that application of new technology and strategy is done by your employees, and our team has a vested interest in your success. Contact our office for one time training events or ongoing training sessions.

High Definition Laser Scanning

This is the most advanced and thorough measuring technique available to surveyors for data acquisition. Imagine collecting one million points a second, registering the data into a point cloud, and rendering models for design and presentation. This allows surveyors to provide clients better information, at a faster rate, and in areas where safety and access are an issue.

Processing point clouds is now an industry standard and Southern Survey and Design integrates into your current workflow. We can create 3D pdf and isometric as built drawings of petroleum facilities, power infrastructure, architecture, and Building Information Models.

Our team approaches these complex mapping projects from a consulting management position. Risk mitigation studies, work site compliance, and team coordination among subcontractors is key for your return on investment.

Contact Casey Cockrell with Southern Survey and Design to schedule a meeting with your administrators, supervisors, and operators.