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Our Services

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Our residential and commercial real estate services include boundary surveys, mortgage surveys, foundation/as-built surveys, evevation certificates (FEMA), ALTA/ACSM, and insure property improvements.

Boundary Surveys

Texas is a "Metes and Bounds" state; which means we measure the boundaries between neighbors. A licensed surveyor is required to identify, report, and monument boundary locations.

residential real estateA court of law calls on the land surveyor often as an expert witness. Land surveyors do not make warranties or offer opinions as to matters of unwritten title, adverse possession, acquiescence, or estoppels.

Mortgage Surveys

If you are dividing property for heirs, buying or selling property, or need a surveyor to measure your boundaries, contact our office for a free estimate.

Often Realtors or Mortgage Lenders require a detailed survey for real estate. If you are buying a home or having a home built, the services of a professional land surveyor are needed.

Southern Survey and Design researches your property in the court house and appraisal district, identifies and monuments your boundary lines, measures and locates all real property, and produces a legal plat and/or metes and bounds description.

Most "Lot and Block" surveys in the East Texas area have a rapid turnaround time and can be completed for $600 plus tax.

Contact our office for a free estimate and ask about premium home ++ pricing.

Foundation – As Built Surveys

Surveyors are experts in measurement and Southern Survey and Design has some of the most accurate technology available in the surveying industry.

If you are a contractor and need a surveyor to check your forms prior to construction, give us a call. Commercial real estate may need a survey for insurance or lending requirements.

boundary surveysIf you are interested in accurate data for your architect, consultants, or contractors to use while modifying you reality, Southern Survey and Design offers full service drafting and data cooperation.

Elevation Certificates – FEMA

Most Mortgage Title Surveys have a statement from the licensed surveyor concerning the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map.

This can obtained from published maps and referenced by a community number, panel number, and revision date. However, there are situations when your property might need the services of a surveyor.

Southern Survey and Design uses sub-centimeter GPS and differential leveling to establish accurate elevations. Our office staff can submit the required documentation for elevation certificates and even work with you through the Letter of Map Amendment process.

Developers who need Elevation Certificates, ask for a brass capped monument!


Commercial real estate, like hotels, gas stations, office buildings, apartments, restaurants, or commerce centers sometimes needs a higher level of survey work. The American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying & Mapping have set forth guidelines for this order of survey work.

The process is a little bit more in depth and the cost for survey is significant. Not every survey firm offers these services, but Southern Survey and Design can meet ALTA/ACSM standards as identified in Table A by our client.

Southern Survey and Design carries a professional liability policy, has a team of project experts, and currently offers this service in the state of Texas.

Contact our office for details.

Insure Property Improvements

Are you having trouble locating your property corners? Are you about to invest in fencing or build on your property? Is your neighbor encroaching?

Surveyors are skilled technicians in measurement. Have peace of mind on your next project and use your East Texas surveying company before you make the mistake of "measuring once and cutting twice."

No project is too small; contact our office for a free consultation.